Dora Jolene

Where have I been?

An unexpected path…

When you are given a chance to set up and run a company that is on the leading edge … you go for it! At least I think it is fun!

The opportunity to see behind the curtain and be associated with doctors who are passionate about getting the best healing resources and protocols to those in pain and suffering was one not to pass up. While it is a detour from the businesses I’ve been associated with in the past, I found that most practices are facing similar issues and pretty much the same challenges. Business is business.

A trusted colleague contacted me in mid-2017 and suggested that I help with a distribution company. My first response was … “Is it legal, moral, and ethical?” And if so, I’m in. I’d love to do that. And off we went to organize a company that distributed biologics (commonly known as stemcells -but there is more to the story).   

With the company officially set up, my first task was to head to the lab that produced the product, meet the owners and staff, and to de-hire the current representative. I was now on the field again, playing the game in real-time, and need to remember and implement all that I had previously learned and the advice and wisdom I’d been sharing with my consulting company. It did reinforce my advice “be prepared for any reaction that might come”… I’ll save this story for another time when we are on the topic.  

Doctors and other professionals that I met were amazing and had a heart for the patients they serve. Vicariously, I learned about my own health and vitality, implementing practices that now make a huge difference. 

As I represented this company across the US, I listened and learned while others have significantly improved their quality of life and business as patients and doctors (some being the same individual). Unfortunately, we don’t hear enough of these stories.

While running this company, I continued servicing clients in Systems Success, Inc. I worked with my existing financial well-being clients while being very selective about other hiring and operational projects that came my way via referrals. I was learning and growing in a different industry, but always aware of what was happening in the business environment and real estate industry.

2020-2021 was a transition year! Travel still continued with this group, and I worked from my home office as usual. In the beginning, in-person training was out of the question. We transitioned to online training and conferences. FDA was also making and implementing big changes to how the doctors could be using and marketing our products. And in making a good business decision, the president of the company decided to bring a separate company in-house, to his already existing staff and clinic.

The timing was actually perfect! Things always have a way of working out.

I had been organizing my extended 9-week trip to Italy in September, while also keeping an eye on travel requirements. In anticipation that Italy would be open, I arranged for backup support on Pacific Time during working hours. Now, in wrapping up this company and officially completing my contract, I was free to grow Systems Success, Inc. in my own way. And test out working abroad.  Off to Sorrento!

While traveling abroad, my work with clients, continued to accept new projects and was able to do so while living in a little place called Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast. The time away gave me opportunities to find my written voice and to see what I’d like to bring to the world through Systems Success, Inc. and now Dora Jolene. As I integrate the two, I’m profoundly aware that I hear what visionaries want to create and can imagine/see the path operationally to get there. 

My superpower if you will.

So, for those who were curious about where I have been, there you go! Truly a short story, with underlying twists and turns that I’ll save for later as lessons learned … or the book!