Dora Jolene

What Would Dora Tell Jolene?

What 5 things would Dora tell Jolene then?

When asked to write your bio for the new integrated website, the opportunity to

reflect on the path I’ve been on appears. At least for me, it is…

On the path with Dora, I realize that she has been along for the ride the entire

time. I think we all have an alter ego, an angel, or another perspective along the

path documenting alternatives, wisdom, and perspectives for later if requested…

key phase here … “if requested”.

Much of my work today comes from my experiences while I was the owner of a large

company, with multiple offices and divisions together with hundreds of real estate agents. While I’ve never been licensed, or represented as a buyer or seller of real estate, I’ve been in the trenches of the industry.

In leadership as CFO/COO, I have a keen understanding of what it takes to be successful. We created a foundational place for many to launch and have successful careers. Our company was very successful and had much to show for it. And at the same time, it had its dark and very challenging times. The thing about the real estate industry

is that it is always changing, never a dull moment.

Now, I am now the person that I looked for then, as a guiding light and encourager. That earthly person whom I could call when I needed to know that everything was going to work out. Sometimes to vent, listen to my own misunderstandings, and get my own perspective.

Since leaving that company, I’ve taken my knowledge and experiences of massive

growth (and sometimes massive mistakes) over the years and used them to help other business owners navigate those waters themselves. Sometimes experience transcends the tools and systems.

What would Dora Jolene have told me then?

  1. Everyone is doing the best that they can at the moment…. Including you!
  2. Get some rest. Do something just for the fun of it. Fun and rest that replenish your energy and capacity. You are not at your best when you are exhausted. Don’t let it get to the point that lack of rest and fun in your life affects your health and relationships.
  3. Pick your battles. I personally want to change the business landscape to exclude war terms. In other words, pick your focus. Where will you focus that is best for all concerned? Where will it have the most impact, versus “death and destruction” or getting the better of a situation? Is there a possibility of collaboration here? Leadership is about looking for solutions through focus and attention. Where is there room for a collaborative effort?
  4. You make a difference, whether you know it or not! Every day we have an impact on others. Trust that if your intentions are for good, you are making a difference. We are in a human experience and we each have different personalities and energies. We cannot help but make a difference for each other. Even today, I am surprised by comments or memories brought up about the work I did or the impact I had on my life.
  5. You have a voice. And it matters! Not everyone can hear my voice, but for those that do … it matters. What a shame it would be to keep to myself the things that could make a difference. Takes just a bit of courage.