Dora Jolene

Dora Jolene

Jolene created Systems Success so that she could focus on helping companies, team leaders and entrepreneurs create sustainable profits and better lives for employees, contracted staff and most importantly, the owners.  In some cases, she has actually been the CFO/COO for hire.   She’s considered the Visionary’s Visionary – you give her the goal, she can see it and carve a way to makes it happen! This is what she has been passionately pursuing for her entire career. Nothing in business makes her happier than to see a company establish a foundation and grow exponentially because of their work together!

Systems Success helped numerous individuals and companies navigate the complexities of growth.   Whether it was being the sounding board for the CEO, doing the actual financials or handling the entire hiring process of staffing, she’s bringing her knowledge and wisdom of having and managing the operations of her own company for many years.

Before Systems Success, Jolene spent years as the Co-Owner/COO of Prudential California Realty, Coronado Financial Corp. and various real estate entities.  Over those 18 years, she helped grow the real estate company from 35 agents and $1.5M in gross income, to over 350 agents and over $29M in gross income. How did she do it? By putting in place processes and procedures that created essential efficiencies. By hiring the right people to support massive growth. By creating a strong foundation so they could go out and do more business with less worry about the back office. These are the systems that NEED to be established before your company can handle key growth.

Jolene’s latest accomplishment and adventure is the creation of  Through her extended stay in Italy, she found her written voice.   Here is where she will be sharing her adventures and insights.   Insights that include lessons learned that are transferrable to the business environment and life in general.  Even though she had many wonderful mentors and coaches along the way, she has now become the person she was so desperately looking for during growth and development times.   The person who can see into people deeply and have them feel recognized and known.   

In her free time, you can find her exploring the Pacific Northwest or soaking up precious “Mimi: time with Camden and Avery, her grandkids.   In 2016, she moved from San Diego, CA to Vancouver/Camas WA area to be closer to daughter, Haley. A big transition from sunny San Diego (home for 30+ years).