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Halfway through 2022 – 7 Things, You Can Do Now!

Halfway through 2022! Here are the 7 Things To Do Now!

Wow… we are halfway through 2022!

We are more than halfway through 2022. Five months left to achieve and accomplish what we set out to do back in January!

I’ve worked with many entrepreneurs and business owners over the years. I’m keenly aware that operations and financials may not be your favorite thing or come naturally to you. Especially if you are more of a generator or creative type. I promise you… if you take even 30 minutes a month to focus on the operations and financials, your business (and your peace of mind) will be better for it.

As we hit the mid-year mark, let’s look at the 7 things that you can do now to reset and reach your goals for 2022.

When I wrote these tips, I was thinking of those things a new, or somewhat less experienced, business owner might want to consider. For a seasoned veteran in the field of business, consider these just gentle reminders.

  1. File your 2021 taxes!      
  • Yes, I’m talking to you, entrepreneurs, and business owners who regularly file extensions. If you have not filed your 2021 taxes, you are carrying 2021 with you every day. Last year is not complete! You cannot completely move on from what happened last year. Get them done! Make that a July goal.

A tip for newer business owners: don’t get into the habit of filing an extension unless it’s recommended by your trusted advisor.    

  1. Review your 2022 written goals (the one you put in writing in January!)
  • Observe your accomplishments and celebrate your wins.
  • Reset if needed. Upgrade or downsize the goal as needed.
  • Remove any that are no longer making sense to you. Some goals we are excited about to begin the year. But as the year evolves, we see that we need to let go.  Or, if the goal is still relevant and exciting to you, move it to another year or the “parking lot.”
  • Recommit! Recommit to the mindset and why you are doing this.    

It’s your business… it is up to you. 

  1. Review your income and expenses, AKA your Profit/Loss
  • I’m making the assumption that you have some sort of system or someone who regularly tracks and compiles this information. (If not, feel free to call me for ideas on how you can easily implement this important part of your business.)
  • Are you ahead or behind last year? Are you ahead or behind your income goals? How are your expense running?   
  • It’s time to review and make adjustments. Where do you need to increase?   Where do you need to decrease?   
  • Please do not go into your head and be hard on yourself for this. Let’s be realistic about what it takes to be in business. The reason we have financial statements is to know where you are and where you have been. Financials don’t hold judgments… they are just markers.    
  • Remember that we are at the half-year mark. Adjustments can be made now, which will certainly impact your year-end numbers.   
  • Just a thought… if we are at 8% inflation, are you increasing your income and/or net profit by 10%? If so, you are breaking even.  
  1. Review (or create) your Parking Lot

A “parking lot” is a digital or written container to capture your ideas and thoughts on new projects that you are not quite ready to implement. In my experience, visionaries get really nervous that one of those brilliant ideas is going to be forgotten. The parking lot is a place to capture and temporarily store these brilliant ideas, giving you peace of mind.  

  • What do you want to add for the next 5 months? Or start now and have it cross over into 2023.   (Did I just use the 2023 number??)
  • Start a parking lot! If you need help with this, feel free to call me!

5) Review your workspace(s)   

Your office or workspace… clean it up. Clear out the clutter. Reset.  

  • Get the filing done or put it in a box labeled for later.
  • Are you back in the office? How clear is it of old energy? Can you freshen it up with a plant, flowers, or a deep cleaning?
  • If you are also using a home office, how is the clutter there? What does the space say to you as you go there? Are you using the floor as a filing cabinet or an inbox? See what you can do to create a new system.
  • If you have a home office or space, do you close the door at the end of the day to transition? This is a very subtle practice of finishing your day and moving into your home life.
  • Whether at the office or in your home office, a clutter-free and organized office really does make a difference for focus and your energy!
  1. Refresh and Rejuvenate

We can all agree that it’s been a grind, both emotionally and physically, over the last six months. We need time to refresh.  

Plan how you are going to get rest and how will you rejuvenate… whatever that looks like for your personality or design.  It can be as simple as a spa day or a long weekend away. It can be a week on a Greek island, or a staycation with all your communications shut off. No matter what you choose, please plan rejuvenation. Clients need you at your best. Your family needs you. Your friends need you. And because we only have one life… your business needs you to healthy and focused!

7) Refresh your listening, educational, and mindset sources

  • What new podcasts or subscriptions do you want to integrate into your routine? Shake up your listening and learning.
  • Education and mindset seminars – be around people who are up to something. What is the next seminar or educational event that you are going to attend, in person or virtually? 
  • Update your reading/listening list. We have so much at our fingertips. I bet you have some audible credits, just like me!
  • Hang out with new voices.  
  • What is one new mindset practice you can implement or re-commit to?   Would it be a journaling practice? A meditation practice? Is there an accountability practice that you can take on for a period of time that would excel your projects into existence?

2023! Yes, I did use the 2023 number. It will be here before we know it. We’ll be talking about goals and intentions for next year.   

Let’s navigate the last months of 2022 successfully so that we can enjoy the holiday season and be happy with our accomplishments.   

I hope these tips will support you in rounding the corner of the year.  

If you need help or would like to know more about Systems Success and the services we offer, I invite you to reach out.      

Here’s to a successful 2022!