Dora Jolene

The Imposter Part 2

the imposter part 2

Here’s a question that was posed to me after publishing The Imposter: What had you write “The Imposter”? Does it really matter what they say? “The Imposter” blog came as I considered all the different voices and expectations I’d been listening to through the years. Helpful and non-helpful. The ones that inspired me, that coached […]

Halfway through 2022 – 7 Things, You Can Do Now!

7 things you can do now

Halfway through 2022! Here are the 7 Things To Do Now! Wow… we are halfway through 2022! We are more than halfway through 2022. Five months left to achieve and accomplish what we set out to do back in January! I’ve worked with many entrepreneurs and business owners over the years. I’m keenly aware that […]

Where have I been?

where have i been

An unexpected path… When you are given a chance to set up and run a company that is on the leading edge … you go for it! At least I think it is fun! The opportunity to see behind the curtain and be associated with doctors who are passionate about getting the best healing resources and […]